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Crutch Pillows

Universal Reusable Crutch Pillows

            When you need to be on crutches for an extended  period of time, comfort becomes critical.  These crutch pillows will help guarantee that for you, one use at a time!  Soft fabric holds just the right amount of cushioning to help prevent fatigue under the arms or on the hands. Designed to slip over and around crutches of all kinds, these universal fit crutch pillows are moisture-wicking and machine washable so that you can use these over and over again.  These modern and durable cushions will help you enjoy easier use of your crutches without having to rely on single-purpose products to get you there.  These are easy to put on and take off and perfect for those need to do a lot of walking and other physical movement while on crutches.


  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Fabric is moisture-wicking and resistant to odors
  • Universal fit for all kinds of crutches

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Crutch Pillows

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